About Us


Why Fitzpatrick & Lewis?

  The firm prefers to operate “quietly” in a high-profile business space, providing its clients with a confidential consultancy that enhances and protects the client’s reputation and integrity while supporting their operational soundness.   The firm is intentionally small with a blue-chip clientele of corporations and nonprofits. "We constantly strive to help our clients find blue sky."


Our Leadership

Sandy Fitzpatrick and Randy Lewis have been in public communications for more than 25 years, having held significant positions in business and government as message strategists, press secretaries, communications directors, spokespersons and media and  public policy analysts.  


Our Success

   Fitzpatrick & Lewis Public Relations is an award-winning, Atlanta-based public relations consulting firm that understands the importance of your communications and how it impacts your image, reputation, development, growth and credibility.  Randy Lewis has been on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce for more than 12 years, and the firm has extensive networks in business, government and nonprofits.